Hi, I am Cristina, freelance artist, member of Cambridge Open Studios (COS) for over a decade, jewellery designer and maker; currently living and creating in a lovely town called Godmanchester, in the UK.

Background: Art School (painting), Illustration and Interior Design.


As a member of COS I have participated to various group and individual exhibitions. Most of my artwork has been commissioned by restaurants, private companies and individuals in London, Northampton and Cambridgeshire. 


In 2013 I have started making jewellery, happy to experiment with new shapes and materials. Since then, I enjoy doing both: painting and creating beautiful pieces of artistic jewellery.


A bit more…


My creative journey has started quite early – in my childhood. I grew up in a communist country though, where making art was considered, at the time, insane luxury - at least for sensible people; so I had to study many other useful things, which would provide for a decent life. Frustrating as it was, that solid foundation helped me later on.


For most of my working years a string of full time jobs (which had nothing to do with art) would use up all the energy I had; very little time was left for creativity and joy… The bills were paid, a house mortgaged, nice holidays lined up and the ego satisfied; but no happiness was there. At some point I deeply wanted a change, knew I had to do it, but I couldn’t take that step. I was trapped.


In 2017, a car accident turned everything upside down. A long recovery kept me home for more than a year. That traumatising event, which I now see as a blessing in disguise, gave me time to think about what I really wanted, and more importantly, allowed my returning to art. I never went back to that well paid & highly stressful job.


Now I am a full time artist and delighted to share with you the beautiful things I create.

Enjoy browsing and - Happy Shopping! :)

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Tel. +44 (0)7800 745121   Godmanchester Huntingdon England UK  Email: cristinastanart@gmail.com

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