Personalised Astro Painting

Personalised Astro Painting

PriceFrom £12.00

Personalised Astro Painting


Are you passionate about Astrology? or
You are dreaming of that Extra Special Gift to offer your loved one?

Order a bespoke stunning piece of art – a Personalised Astro Painting.

The natal chart is painted in acrylic on board using basic info regarding the customer’s date of birth. It is highly decorative and can be used for astrological interpretation too.

Time of completion varies between a week and six weeks, please check before placing the order.


Details of the artwork and list of prices


Astro Painting – acrylic on board, 25x30 cm, no frame - £65

Additional items
- frame (framing service included) - £12
- basic natal chart interpretation* (2 pages) - £15
- set of 10 mini planets, made of painted clay - £12

Example: order of one astro painting, framed - £77; one astro painting completed with natal chart interpretation, no frame - £80; there is a discount for the whole pack - £99.


Note: postage fees are not included. They start at £3.95 and vary depending on the type of delivery you prefer and where is the artwork delivered.


How to order:


First of all, please make sure there is sufficient time for the artwork to be completed: Send me a message or phone me to discuss.
Email: Mobile: 07800 745121.


For a personal natal chart I will need some information:
- name (first name is sufficient);
- the date of birth - yours or the person’s who will receive the gift: day, month, year, time and place of birth; If you don’t have the exact time the artwork can still be completed, and it will look great, however the astrological interpretation will not be accurate;
- two or three colours you prefer and you would like the painting to include and, if there any colours you dislike - which are those.

If there is any particular message you would like me to include, that can be arranged too, please let me know.


Once all the details are agreed, the order can be secured by placing a deposit of £35 either by paying online (directly on the website) or by bank transfer; details to follow shortly after our discussion.


Do Not Pay the deposit online before discussing the details and agreeing all the terms & conditions.


What happens next?


Once the deposit is paid, confirmation will be sent to you by email.
Later on, when the painting is completed, I will send you a few pictures of it, to make sure you are happy with the result.

Please note only small adjustments can be made, not major alterations, once the painting is completed; make sure you provide correct information when placing the order.

The artwork will be framed (if ordered), packed and delivered, together with additional items (if any) once the balance is paid in full.


The delivery is organized through Royal Mail unless other arrangements are agreed.
There is also a Collect from Studio Service (free) if you live in Huntingdon area – PE29.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question you may have.


* The chart interpretation is basic, general and has a spiritual approach; it is not recommended to be used as a substitute for specialized financial, legal or medical advice.