Zizi Ballerina Pendant

Zizi Ballerina Pendant


Exquisite handcrafted Zizi ballerina - minuature doll, made of clay, wire, ribbon and small beads. Length 11 cm.
One of a kind, it looks stunning and it will make a great impression if you wear it as a pendant on a special occasion, or you can simply add it your collection of handmade dolls. 

The pretty ballerina doll is unique, very attractive and it could be also a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day or other special occasions. You will fall in love as soon as you see it!

This tiny ballerina doll had been created having in mind a lady who was passionate about ballet and wanted to wear something special, a statement jewellery to remind her of happy times. She however chose another piece of jewellery and I was more than happy to keep the ballerina on my jewellery collection, in order to exhibit it at various fairs and shows. Meanwhile I have created many other pieces; it is time now for the tiny dancer to find a new home so I have decided to exhibit it for sale.

The process of creating it was a lengthy one and it has been good fun too!
As you can see in the pictures, I have first made the body and the limbs in separate pieces, let them dry, painted them and later on varnished them. The limbs are slightly mobile and are attached to the body with wire. Finally I created a little dress from ribbon and decorated the doll with beads. 

It comes with a 18 inch silver plated chain and nicely packed. 
The chain can ordered at a different length, please contact me to discuss.


Note: the ballerina is available for sale in my Etsy shop.